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5th. June 2005 Sunday Daitoshi Dog Run Field

Kansai area Airedale Fun Day was held at the Daito-city Dog Run Field in Osaka on June 5th and there were 15 two-legged and 8 four-legged participants. The dogs enjoyed themselves running off-leash in the spacious and woodchip covered dog run. The people enjoyed themselves eating scrumptious fare such as meat/seafood barbeques, paella, and salad, and of course talking about Airedales.

The event held a small sporting competition, to ask who is the most obedient? E Who's the biggest chow hound? Eand Which two-legged the fastest? E The winner was Miss Candy Motoe of the Osaka prefecture. This event was very different from typical conformation competitions in that it showed the companion side of our Airedales rather than show side.