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12th June 2005 Sunday Tachikawa Showa Memorial Park
Kanto area Fun Day was held at the Showa Memorial Park in Tachikawa City in Tokyo on June 12. There were 17
two-legged and 11 four-legged participants.

Due to the park's immense size, there was a concern about whether or not participants could find each other,
however, it was a needless worry as Airedales were hard to miss. Since there were not as many park users as we
had initially expected, it was no problem to march with a bunch of Airedales in one big group. It was a very hot day,
however, and so we all walked from one shade to another. Many passer-bys seemed very interested in our group
and we got lots of questions about the breed and comments such as how cute they looked.
We had a lunch break in the shady spot at the edge of the park's biggest field, and talked about Airedales in a
relaxed atmosphere.